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Edd's Tasting Box

Edd's Tasting Box

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Indulge in a curated selection of EDD's finest wines with this exclusive bundle. Enjoy the robust flavors of 1x EDD's TINTO 2016 RESERVA and 1x EDD's TINTO 2017, complemented by the refreshing notes of 2x EDD's ROSE 2021. Savor the crisp, aromatic whites with EDD's BRANCO 2021 Arinto and EDD's BRANCO 2021 Viognier. This bundle offers a perfect mix of red, rosé, and white wines, showcasing the best of our vineyard. Perfect for any occasion, share these exquisite wines with family and friends.

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  • Unique wines

    Every bottle has a unique number. We provide full transparency with harvest dates and plot details on each bottle.

  • Respect for Nature

    We prioritize openness and transparency over eco-labels. Our small scale allows us to show everything directly on the bottle.

  • Small Vineyard

    Our wines are made in limited quantities by family and friends. You won't find them in stores, making each bottle truly unique.