Our Story

In the sun-drenched Algarve, where winemaking is a rare craft, EDD's Wine found its soul. Our family-owned vineyard, nurtured by Edwin Opstelten—a renowned architect who has called the region home for over 20 years—began as a heartfelt hobby. With passion and dedication, we expanded from 7 to 14 hectares, cultivating a variety of grapes, including Spumante. Each bottle, handpicked by family and friends and uniquely numbered, tells our story.

Our youngest family member, Mike, born nearly two years ago, represents the future of our legacy. In partnership with a Dutch entrepreneur, we launched a new consumer website, sharing our award-winning wines served in prestigious restaurants like the Michelin-starred Rijks in Amsterdam.

Join us in savoring the romance and elegance of the Algarve in every sip. Cheers to passion, family, and the timeless journey of EDD's Wine!