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EDD's ROSE 2021 Touriga

EDD's ROSE 2021 Touriga

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Introducing our 21 Rosé, a portrait of winemaking artistry, painted with the esteemed Touriga Nacional grape renowned for its intensity and character. Each grape is handpicked with precision, ensuring a canvas of the highest quality. This rosé enchants at first glance with its light pink color, a soft hue that speaks to its refined nature and hints at the sensory poetry to come.

The aroma is an ode to the quintessential summer fruit, with a bouquet rich in cherries and blackberries, evoking the lush abundance of the season. The palate is greeted with a smoothness characteristic of the Touriga Nacional, setting the stage for a taste that's as profound as it is pleasing. The fruity aftertaste is a lingering sonnet, celebrating the grape's inherent boldness, subtly transformed into a rosé that whispers of its heritage yet sings a modern tune.

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