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EDD's BRANCO 2021 Viognier

EDD's BRANCO 2021 Viognier

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Savor the artisanal charm of our handpicked Viognier, a white wine that captures the essence of its grape with authenticity and grace. Cultivated with dedication and fermented with indigenous yeasts for 30 days, our Viognier is a tribute to the winemaker's craft. It boasts a mesmerizing greenish-yellow hue, a vibrant testament to its lively character.

Upon the first pour, it greets the senses with enchanting notes of sweet fruit, reminiscent of orchards in full bloom. The taste is a revelation of freshness, leading to a deep and satisfying finish that speaks to the complexity of the Viognier varietal. Every bottle is a curated expression of our commitment to excellence and the expression of unique varietal characteristics.

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