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Experience the elegance of EDD’s Branco 2016 Reserva, a premium white wine from our Private Collection. This wine is crafted from handpicked grapes, highlighting the best of the Algarve region.

Tasting Notes This wine has a bright gold and yellow color with aromas of citrus, pear, and toasted caramel. The taste is creamy and fresh, providing a delightful balance of flavors. The wine is aged for 10 months in French oak barrels, adding a rich complexity to its profile.

Food Pairing EDD’s Branco 2016 Reserva pairs beautifully with seafood dishes, creamy pastas, and grilled chicken. It also complements light salads and soft cheeses, enhancing the flavors of each dish. Try it with “Arroz de Marisco” (seafood rice) or a fresh salad with goat cheese and nuts for a delightful experience.

Serving Temperature For the optimal experience, serve this wine at a temperature between 8°C and 10°C (46°F to 50°F).

Region and Vintage

  • Region: Algarve, Portugal
  • Vintage: 2016
  • Alcohol: 14%
  • Acidity: 5.8 g/L
  • pH: 3.6
  • Fermentation: In stainless steel tanks
  • Aging: 10 months in French oak barrels

Indulge in the vibrant flavors of the Algarve with every sip of EDD’s Branco 2016 Reserva.

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